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Our Shared Tribal Services Division, Alchemy Tribal Services, offers a broad range of tribal support solutions at a low, competitive rate. We offer reduced, flat rate services to meet your general and programmatic budget goals. Our staff are tribal members and previous tribal employees. We understand what it takes to help keep your organization functioning at a healthy, productive level. 

We offer a monthly flat rate for most of our services based on your annual or programmatic budget. Please contact us at 907.222.1004 or here for our rates sheet and payment options.


Our Services

  • Accounting Services for Tribes                                        

  • Audit Preparation                                                  

  • Corrective Action Plans                    

  • Council Training/Planning                               

  • Grant Development + Writing                      

  • Grant Management                                               

  • Indirect Rate Negotiations                               

  • Interim Tribal Administration                        

  • Organizational Assessments                             

  • Program Support and Evaluation:                 

                  Indian Child Welfare

                  Head Start

                  Natural Resource Management

                  Restricted Realty Services

                  Budget Development

                  Management Training

                  Interim Program Management

  • Program Application and Reporting

  • Strategic Planning + Implementation      

  • Tribal Administrator Training/Phase In    

  • Tribal Administrator Mentorship                 

  • Tribal Web Page Build                                         


                  3 to 5-page website with 3 style options

                  Facebook Development + Setup

  • Workplace Disputes/Mediation                    

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